not quite friends but not quite strangers

just like heaven

Sigur Ros - Ekki múkk 


it’s like having moet and then someone handing me franzia

—my kat

Here’s a post that’s not about Game of Thrones or Sigur Ros

How to sum up life in the past few months? Busy. Awesome, but busy. Moving house is amazing, I mean, the place is amazing, but what people don’t tell you is how damn awful unpacking truly is. Since when did I have so much crap? Where’s it going to live? When will I find the motivation to move said crap to its new home/s? (As of today, motivation still evades me and crap is living in what should be the second bedroom). Oh well, all in good time. Work is great and extremely rewarding, in all aspects of the term, and there are lots of trips and holidays to look forward to. 

Life lessons:

  • Don’t take car through the car wash with aerial still attached (I knew this one, I just…forgot)
  • Gardening is lethal (my hands and arms currently resemble those of Pete Doherty)
  • Drinking a bottle of 2003 vintage Rioja to yourself is great, but very bad the next day (again, knew this one, but I like to experiment)
  • As much as you think you love scary films, you still spend half of them hiding behind your hands/a cushion/a person

over & out

“…there are two sorts of people. The players and the pieces.”


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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Sam Shaw in 1956

she&#8217;s stunning


Marilyn Monroe photographed by Sam Shaw in 1956

she’s stunning